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Hybrid and Liquid Propulsion Solutions

Hybrid Propulsion

ASRI –One, Two, Three, Four

  • Manufacturing partner for the Phoenix hybrid sounding rocket programme of the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Aerospace Systems Research Institute

  • Rocket Motor components and composite structures

  • Manufacturing, material science and design enhancements for motors and airframes

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Pressure Vessel Solutions


We have manufactured and tested various types pressure vessels:

  • Type 3: Hydrogen, Liquid oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Xenon

  • Type 4: Hydrogen, Nitrous Oxide

  • Type 5: High pressure


The Nitrous Oxide tanks are in use, while the other tanks are being assessed for field testing

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Sounding Rockets and Optic Structures

Sounding Rockets

We delivered 90% of the structure to Phoenix MKII -D Vehicle,

The next step is to deliver a complete structure to the client

Optic Structures

We manufacture various structural components for optic systems.

These components often have integrally wound flanges and are mechanically finished to high tolerances.


Applications include:

  • Satellite systems (First launch on Falcon 9 Transporter 7)

  • Airborne systems

  • Ground vehicle systems



Sports applications

Sports Applications

  • Precision Composite Tubes

  • We manufacture composite filament wound tubes to your specific needs and lengths.

  • Fibre directions can be designed to yield your combination of strength stiffness and CTE.

  • Tubes can be manufactured using aerospace quality materials that include but are not limited to Carbon, Glass and Aramid Fibres and or a combination thereof.

  • Composite tubes can also be precision ground for a high outer tolerance

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